Material Design, Love!


Sometimes I forget that while this a tech blog... it's a personal tech blog meaning that I can write anything I want and get away with it (as long as its tech related). Originally I was going to do a review of a few apps and I still might but I really wanted to talk about what has me the most excited about Android at the moment.

So what exactly might that be? Lollipop 5.0 and more specifically Material Design. I really love the fact that so many apps have already been updated and released to showcase the beauty of it... I'm beginning to lose count with the Play Store, Gmail, Inbox, Play Music, Play Books, Play Movies, and Calendar! I may have even missed something out of that list, but you get the point. 

I am a very visual person and this UI (User Interface) is what myself and many others I've talked to seem to think Android should have been from the jump. It may have taken awhile to get to this point but it was definitely worth the wait. I also really appreciate being able to experience so many of the applications on my LG G3 which is still using KitKat 4.4.2. I hate being behind the curve and this makes me feel a little better about not having Lollipop 5.0 on my device.

That said, the newest version of the Android OS is absolutely beautiful, I already have it mimicked on my 2012 Nexus 7 using an AOKP 4.4.4 ROM with a Lollipop theme, icon pack and all of the newest apps. I could probably tell your Average Joe that it was actually running Lollipop with no doubts.

I have to admit that with my new found infatuation of Lollipop and all it's visual splendor... I'm starting to second guess my whole "the G3 is the last phone I'll get this year" mantra. Now don't get me wrong the G3 is an amazing device but I have never owned a Nexus Phone before and it's starting to feel like its about that time. I have my eyes on a White Nexus 6 and while I couldn't have pre-ordered one last week even if I'd someone been so lucky (due to lack of funds)... I will say that I DEFINITELY plan to get that badboy before the years end.

I think I'll throw in an eventual Nexus 9 purchase too, my old Nexus 7 may look like its running Lolli... but it certainly doesn't behave like it is (soooo slow)...

I think its all so gorgeous, have a look @ a few of the newly designed apps: