Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Impressions.

I've always been a fan of the Kingdom Hearts gaming franchise. I remember it being the sole reason that I wanted a PS2 when the first game was released and I played it for hours on end although sadly I was never able to beat it. When Kingdom Hearts Unchained X was released for iOS and Android earlier this year in the U.S. I downloaded it to my tablet the second I saw in mentioned in the Play Store. 

After playing for 177 consecutive days this game still manages to hold my attention despite being a VERY repetitive and simple RPG game where you tap and swipe incessantly at your enemies. I'd consider myself a pretty dedicated player at a decent level (223 of the current 300 max) and I've never put a dime into the game. Nope, not even the Google Play credit I earned from those Google Opinion surveys. So for those who have rated the game with one to two stars because its a pay-to-win/play game... try again or better yet try harder. If you don't like they game for other reasons that's understandable but saying that you absolutely have to pay to progress is simply not true in my experience.

The game gives away free Jewels everyday when you log in and while I've read that it doesn't come close to what you can obtain in the Japanese version of the game, its still good enough to get you by. They also have various ongoing events and quests that allow you to earn Jewels and Medals through game play. It may take longer to earn these perks but it you can put in the effort you'll get far in the game without losing a penny. 

I think one of the things that keeps me coming back to this game is the story and the ability to collect different Medals from both the games and several Disney movies. I'm a hardcore Disney geek, don't believe me? find me on the QuizUp app and challenge me to "Name the Disney Character", "Disney Princesses" or "Disney Villians" and I will devour you (). I'm actually ranked 3rd in the United States for the "Name the Disney Character" category this month. My husband says I'm addicted which I feel is debatable, lol. 

Getting back to my love of the story though, I'd have to say I am fairly obsessed with the Kingdom Hearts story-line. I want to break it down and understand it no matter how long that takes. I've played a few of the games such as Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, and Birth by Sleep and watched walkthroughs and cut scenes from all the others. The story is so intricate and at times confusing but something about it just pulls me in. In all honesty playing Kingdom Hearts Unchained X and learning more about the "Keyblade War" is what prompted me to get on YouTube to watch videos to fill in some of the gaps of the story and now I just can't stop. I even started following a YouTube channel called "The Gamers Joint" that essentially does nothing but discuss all things Kingdom Hearts.

If you have ever played any of the Kingdom Hearts games, have an affinity for Disney, or just love games with good stories... I'd highly recommend you check it out.

 Said devouring chance is about 98% likely to happen, I have encountered a few folks that are more of a Disney head than even myself.