Ninja Turtles For A New Generation!

I recall shuddering in disbelief the first time I saw the preview for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Njnja Turtles film, but on opening day as the devoted fan that I’m am who watched the cartoons faithfully on Saturday mornings and had seen all the previous movies… I decided to go see it and bring my dad along with me.

I was a little reluctant because it is a Michael Bay film, and because of the way the characters seem to be completely transformed. Anytime someone tries to revamp something from your childhood it’s a bit of a tough pill to swallow. You wonder if you’ll love it or hate it… and to my surprise I rather liked it. 

Many people joke that the newly re-designed turtles look like Shrek which is quite laughable because when you look at older renderings of their characters… they kind of already did! But I can certainly understand the complaints. Leonardo with the bones over his chests, and Donatello with coke bottle glasses… I don’t remember any of that as a child. Oh and don’t get me started on the casting of Megan Fox as April O’Neil, she is definitely not a red head.

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Big Android BBQ, I’m Ready!

Most people that know me and even a few that don’t, know that I’ve always been an “Android Enthusiast” don’t get me wrong I’m not one of those Android or nothing people… I have an iPad mini that I love dearly and I’ve previously owned an iPod Touch with no complaints. But today I’m not worried about talking about anything Apple related (or for any other brand either).

So what is the Big Android BBQ? if you want the full back story you’re more than welcome to visit but it’s a great annual event for Android developers, enthusiasts, companies and even press to all get together and discuss… well, what else? ANDROID in all its awesomeness.

A wondrous 2 1/2 day geekfest where you get to hang out with people who share common interests and learn about new things regarding the platform and well as new products. Not to mention the giveaways that many of the Sponsors do as well.

This year marks the milestone 5th year that the BBQ’s been going and I’m anxious to get there. I’ve gone once in 2012 and it was an absolute blast!  I came home with quite a few goodies or “swag” rather and even got to meet the awesome Tha Phlash who is not only an amazing designer of custom icons but quite a talented artist in general.

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The Things You’ll Sacrifice For A New Phone!

Perhaps I should have titled this the things I’ll sacrifice for a new phone, but I know it’s a relate-able topic that I’ve seen other discuss in the past. When it comes to cell phones there are people who honestly don’t care about what theirs can do as long as it can make a call and maybe take a few grainy photos… my mother is one of those people. I bought her a “dumb phone” nearly 4 years ago and she’s still rocking it like it’s the best thing ever.

And then there are people like me… let’s just say I’m a tech junkie, especially when it comes to phones. Last year alone I went through using 5 different devices, and I’m not a device reviewer… just an Average Joe (or Jane? haha) who knew the right person to enable me to keep up with the latest and greatest. 

When it came time to sell one of those devices in preparation for getting a new one, a lovely little website called came to be quite handy.

Getting up to this year I’ve only had two new mobile devices… one was a cheap Windows Phone that is currently sitting on a shelf in my closet as my back-up device and the second a Moto X. I have to be honest that months later I still love that phone and it is still chugging along quite nicely but there’s a part of me that wants something new, I’d even go as far as to say that I’m overdue for a new device given my reputation.

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