Ninja Turtles For A New Generation!

I recall shuddering in disbelief the first time I saw the preview for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Njnja Turtles film, but on opening day as the devoted fan that I’m am who watched the cartoons faithfully on Saturday mornings and had seen all the previous movies… I decided to go see it and bring my dad along with me.

I was a little reluctant because it is a Michael Bay film, and because of the way the characters seem to be completely transformed. Anytime someone tries to revamp something from your childhood it’s a bit of a tough pill to swallow. You wonder if you’ll love it or hate it… and to my surprise I rather liked it. 

Many people joke that the newly re-designed turtles look like Shrek which is quite laughable because when you look at older renderings of their characters… they kind of already did! But I can certainly understand the complaints. Leonardo with the bones over his chests, and Donatello with coke bottle glasses… I don’t remember any of that as a child. Oh and don’t get me started on the casting of Megan Fox as April O’Neil, she is definitely not a red head.

I went into that movie thinking that it was going to be a crazy remake of the movies I remembered from the 90s but that is totally not the mindset to have. If you can try to look at it as something completely new for a different generation of kids who didn’t have the same TMNT that we did, its actually fairly good. There are a plethora of corny jokes (courtesy of Mikey) but there’s a nice bit of action in it as well, especially if you see it in 3D. I think going for the 3D tickets to see this movie was the first time in awhile that I didn’t regret paying extra because there were many scenes that made it worth it.

Overall, without spoiling it for anyone… its something that you can wait for the DVD on but definitely not nearly as bad as I anticipated. My dad certainly enjoyed it! I have to say that I enjoyed the fighting scenes more than the actual dialogue but I’ve always been an action girl. I recommend it, thumbs up!

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