Google Hangouts + Google Voice = Awesome

Chances are that when it comes to the cross platform application “Google Hangouts” you fall into one of three categories: 1) I use it everyday or at least regularly 2) I’ve never heard of it OR 3) It’s an app on my phone that I’ve never used. If you fall into the last category than hopefully what I have to say will make you want to explore it and if you’re in the second well, now you’ve heard of it haven’t you?

To be precise, Hangouts is your all around video, messaging, photo/gif sharing app that can be used with Android Devices, iPhones, iPads,  iPods, Computers (yes even Macs), and both Gmail/Google+ within the browser.

Initially Google Hangouts was introduced with the release of Google+ and primarily for video only, sure you could chat while in the hangouts but compared to what it is today it has certainly come a long way. When Google decided to get rid of G+ Messenger and Google Talk to implement Hangouts as an all in one messenger its reception was a bit unbalanced. Some people thought it was a great thing because it seemed unusual to have so many apps to essentially do the same thing, while loyal fans of Google Talk took a little more time to get on board.

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iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus, I Can Dig It!

There are many people in my social circles online that loathe anything made by Apple regardless of whether it is an iPhone, iPad or even a MacBook, however I do not fit into that category… its doubtful that I ever will. I’m all about technology as a whole so while I’m a huge fan of Google and Android development I have no allegiance to any particular brand or manufacturer. 

I love living in a world where I have the freedom to chose what I want, having options is great for all of us as consumers. Not to mention… a little healthy competition isn’t hurting anyone!

One of the main reasons I’ve always overlooked the iPhone as a device worth having is because of the size. I LOVE big phones and ever since early last year when I got my hands on a Note 2 everything in comparison seems so itty bitty. I know that everyone has their own personal preferences so there may be some people who wanted iPhones to remain their previous size but I couldn’t be more excited about it. I’ve been a fan of iOS since last year with the release of iOS7 (which is what prompted me to finally get an iPad). 

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