My Android Wear Fascination.

I’ll be honest when I saw the commercials for the Samsung Galaxy Gear watches last year or even when I saw posts about the Pebble Watch, I had that “meh, it’s cool but not necessary” attitude… fast forward to this year and the introduction of Android Wear and I’m more like “want, want, want!” 

I have always been a fan of having choices which is why I love the new Android slogan “Be Together. Not The Same.” Right now there are 5 options on the Google Play Store, and while the Sony Smart Watch 3 is still “coming soon” having that many selections to choose from is pretty amazing to me.

A few weeks ago when I attended the Big Android BBQ, while I’m sure I am exaggerating a bit… it seemed like every other person I came across had an Android Wear watch and I was green with envy. I felt like I was left out of the “cool kid” group and yes even among a bunch of tech geeks & nerds there are still cool kids 😉 believe it or not. I also saw a lot of people with Google Glass but I know that will never be in my budget so I won’t even bother getting into that.

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