Too Many Options.

I haven’t posted on here in awhile because life gets… well busy to be completely honest and you don’t always have time for the things you wish you did. I still want to accomplish that one post per month minimum goal though. 

One of the many reasons I decided to start my own site instead of applying to work for someone else’s tech blog was because I knew there would be personal time restraints. I didn’t want to disappoint anyone by not being able to write all the time, and while I am still not writing as much as I’d like I am slowly making it more of a priority.

As of right now I’m very much on the fence about what I want my next tech purchases to be, it’s only the beginning of spring and I keep seeing new things I want. I’ve also been looking at a few things that came out last year that I couldn’t budget for and now I can.  In terms of Wearables and Android Wear I am very interested in upgrading my old reliable LG G Watch. It was nice to be an early adopter for the Android Wear movement but mama wants something new and shiny. The hyped up Huawei watch and the newer offerings from LG have certainly piqued my interest and I’m still holding my breath for the new Moto 360 in hopes it won’t have that dreaded “flat tire” thing going on.

As for phones, I’m still loving my Nexus 6 as I mentioned in my latest Vlog. Its an amazing device but I’m a little curious about other options as well. I’m an Android lover but at the end of the day I’m fascinated by all technology not just products from Google. I’ve being eyeing Windows Phone a bit, the higher end ones are superb but unfortunately lack official Google applications which is a deal breaker for me… and that leaves me with the iPhone (yeah yeah I know). I posted about the thought of getting one earlier today on my Google+ profile and someone said that my page must have been hacked, lol. I’m serious though, I’ve dabbled with iOS previously courtesy of an iPod Touch and an iPad and I don’t find it to be all that bad. It’s very simple which can be a pro or con depending on the user but I’m willing to take the risk and give it a try and I just might in the coming weeks.

Lastly, in regards to computers and tablets… I seriously don’t know what to do with myself! I bought my current Windows laptop about a year and a half ago and its still chugging along quite nicely. However, there’s a part of me that wants to give a Macbook a try… I’ve worked with them in the recent months and have to admit I was a little impressed.  I honestly don’t want to pay for one even if I can afford it though… I’m a bit frugal at times I’ll admit it but that’s why I’m able to eat home cooked food every night instead of ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’ve been going back and forth with the “should I, shouldn’t I?” and so far it would seem I’m not quite ready to make that commitment but perhaps in the future when I have more money saved and I’m willing to splurge. I’ve also been debating getting either a Chromebook or a tablet… my laptop is rather large and thus not very portable and the only tablet I have is the Nexus 7 2012 which has been showing its age since 2013. For now its only purpose is as a book reader… I download a book and then put it on airplane mode so the battery life doesn’t haunt me with a vengeance but its pretty pathetic. Chromebooks are cheap and portable which is what I’ve been searching for but tablets are just as portable… the problem is they aren’t always as cheap and if they are, you’re usually getting what you pay for. 

I was so excited when the Nexus 9 came out and then I looked at the price and thought to myself “pass”, I want the tablet and I want the keyboard attachment so by the time you add all that up I may as well just buy another computer. I’ve also been looking at the Nokia N1 and patiently awaiting for them to announce a U.S. release date, the price is supposedly comparable to around $250 which is a sweet spot for my budget but I can’t buy something that they aren’t selling here yet so once again back to square one. Then I get to today where its announced on the Google Chrome Blog that there will be a Chromebook Flip coming out later this spring from ASUS for $249 and I’m like… “hold the phone I can have a Chromebook/tablet for the price I prefer?! heck yeah!” the specs aren’t exactly mind blowing from what I’ve read on it thus far but they are just fine for the video watching, and writing I intend to do.

So as for the tablet situation my mind is 92.87% made up unless something else gets announced that is equally mind blowing and affordable. I think I’m going to go with the Chromebook Flip… or maybe the Nokia N1 if they release it here… gosh it’s hard to decide. I’m still not sure about getting a Macbook; with Windows 10 coming out this summer and the rumors that its a big improvement from Windows 8/8.1 I kind of want to wait and see. As for Android Wear… its definitely more of a want than a need… all of these things are but this is kind of at the bottom of my “Must Have” list. In regards to the phone, I see the iPhone thing happening even if just to get a feel for it and then resale the device a few weeks later… I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted on what I decide.

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