Hey There!

So, I haven’t updated this website in over a year and its pretty pathetic. The YouTube channel has been neglected for an even longer amount of time. In truth the past year has been a bit of a journey and I haven’t had the time or resources to keep up with the blog the way I originally intended… I’ve had two major surgeries within the past five months so for awhile my sole interest in getting on the internet involved streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Plex, etc and a few social media posts here and there. However, things are about to change a lot.

I’m re-locating to the Atlanta, Georgia area next week to begin a new life with my hubby and no that’s not a pet name I’m legitimately getting hitched in the very near future and I’m excited about it. He’s my biggest fan and has always been extremely supportive of me starting this website. Even throughout my hiatus he’s told friends and co-workers about this blog because he’s proud of me. So I feel like that in combination with being around him every day is going to be a constant motivator to keep this thing running. I’ll have more time and energy to commit to giving it the attention it seriously deserves, FINALLY

As for other changes in the past year aside from the health issues and getting married. I’ve purchased a PS4 since my last post and an iPhone 6s O_o (I still love android I swear, just wanted to try something new). I’m also going to be getting back into gaming on Xbox One soon too since I’m acquiring one by marriage, lol.

 My hubby is a tech head just like me so I plan to get him to assist me with a few things here and there. I also hope to get him to make an appearance on a few of my vlogs but that may take some begging. I definitely plan on uploading a new video sometime in September and posting more on here after I get settled in from my big move