Pixel Goodness.

Nearly two weeks ago Google hosted a Made by Google event which was streamed live over YouTube. Like many others I sat in anticipation on October 4th to hear about all the new things that were to come. They covered a variety of products from the new 4K Chromecast to the Daydream View (their VR headset with a remote control). However, the main thing I was concerned with was their new line of phones… the Pixel and Pixel XL. 

For years I drooled over many of the Nexus devices and finally got on board in 2014 with the Nexus 6. I genuinely loved that phone and had only one major gripe relating to the size; my dainty hands struggled to hold it ( particularly with one hand) which led to me ultimately gifting it to my dad last Christmas. I could have gotten a 5X but decided to branch out and try my very first iPhone instead. One thing I can say about the Nexus experience though is that I absolutely loved getting software updates as soon as they were released or using developer previews until they were. That feeling of always being up to date is what made me never want another Android device unless it was a Nexus or straight from Google. Its also the reason that I felt like I was finally ready to give the iPhone a chance because I adore getting updates; even now I’m in Apple’s beta program.

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Missing Out on BABBQ16.

So for anyone who has ever followed me on Google+ or come across this blog within the past couple years… you know that I absolutely LOVE android. Even now after having an iPhone 6s as my daily driver for nearly a year; my favorite and first love (as far as mobile operating systems are concerned) is Android. As a result, one of my favorite annual conventions to attend has been the Big Android BBQ by IDEAA. I’ve been to the BABBQ a few times and it seems to get better every year (weather impending). It’s great for both developers and enthusiasts because they try to make sure that there’s a bit of something for everyone.

 I always enjoy the food, fun, learning and even a bit of the networking/socializing… which says a lot for an introvert like me. There’s just something about being around like minded people that makes me feel a little more at home and comfortable in the environment. I think somewhere between 85-90% of the people I’ve met IRL from Google+ have been from attending these events and I’ve formed some great friendships along the way.

Unfortunately this year I will not be able to attend and its a major bummer because I feel like I need to go back to make up for last years experience. In 2015 I was under the weather for the majority of the event so I spent a lot of time in my hotel room. I was also dealing with some personal issues due to it being my first year without my mom. Upon realizing little things like not being able to call her when I got into the Dallas area or telling her about the experiences and souvenirs I’d picked up… I slipped into a mini depression. I ended up going from my usual introversion to all but curling up in a corner.

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Excitement for Supergirl!

As some of you may know, the premiere for Supergirl season two is right around the corner. I’ve only been a fan of the show for about a month but I’m just as anxious for 8PM Monday as anyone else. I’m a bit bummed that Hulu isn’t streaming shows from The CW anymore because when I can’t watch right away I’ll have to either remember to set the DVR ahead of time or watch it on a friends Plex media server.

As stated, I was a bit late to the Supergirl bandwagon but I’m glad I eventually came around. I was reluctant to watch the show initially because I wasn’t hearing too many good things about it from family and friends. I recall seeing part of one episode while visiting my parents and having no interest whatsoever to continue watching. Meanwhile, my hubby had briefly mentioned that he watched the crossover episode with The Flash but none of the others which further made me wonder if it was worth my time. 

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