Missing Out on BABBQ16.

So for anyone who has ever followed me on Google+ or come across this blog within the past couple years… you know that I absolutely LOVE android. Even now after having an iPhone 6s as my daily driver for nearly a year; my favorite and first love (as far as mobile operating systems are concerned) is Android. As a result, one of my favorite annual conventions to attend has been the Big Android BBQ by IDEAA. I’ve been to the BABBQ a few times and it seems to get better every year (weather impending). It’s great for both developers and enthusiasts because they try to make sure that there’s a bit of something for everyone.

 I always enjoy the food, fun, learning and even a bit of the networking/socializing… which says a lot for an introvert like me. There’s just something about being around like minded people that makes me feel a little more at home and comfortable in the environment. I think somewhere between 85-90% of the people I’ve met IRL from Google+ have been from attending these events and I’ve formed some great friendships along the way.

Unfortunately this year I will not be able to attend and its a major bummer because I feel like I need to go back to make up for last years experience. In 2015 I was under the weather for the majority of the event so I spent a lot of time in my hotel room. I was also dealing with some personal issues due to it being my first year without my mom. Upon realizing little things like not being able to call her when I got into the Dallas area or telling her about the experiences and souvenirs I’d picked up… I slipped into a mini depression. I ended up going from my usual introversion to all but curling up in a corner.

This year has been a roller coaster from the multiple surgeries and having to leave my job… to getting married and moving from Texas to Georgia. Between the move and looking for a new gig I anticipated that attending the BBQ this year was not in the cards for me. I no longer have the option of taking a 4-5 hour drive to get to the convention center and plane tickets are not in my budget. I also start my new job the week of the event; so between money and circumstances it just wasn’t meant to be.

I hope to attend next year and my husband is all for it; he’s only attended once so I’m eager to show him how much its grown since then. However, with limited time off and things like planning our formal wedding ceremony (we eloped) and my 30th birthday coming up next year… I’m still not 100% sure we’ll get to go then either. Its definitely in the plans to go back eventually and for those of you “regulars” that will be attending I hope you enjoy it for me!

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