Pixel Goodness.

Nearly two weeks ago Google hosted a Made by Google event which was streamed live over YouTube. Like many others I sat in anticipation on October 4th to hear about all the new things that were to come. They covered a variety of products from the new 4K Chromecast to the Daydream View (their VR headset with a remote control). However, the main thing I was concerned with was their new line of phones… the Pixel and Pixel XL. 

For years I drooled over many of the Nexus devices and finally got on board in 2014 with the Nexus 6. I genuinely loved that phone and had only one major gripe relating to the size; my dainty hands struggled to hold it ( particularly with one hand) which led to me ultimately gifting it to my dad last Christmas. I could have gotten a 5X but decided to branch out and try my very first iPhone instead. One thing I can say about the Nexus experience though is that I absolutely loved getting software updates as soon as they were released or using developer previews until they were. That feeling of always being up to date is what made me never want another Android device unless it was a Nexus or straight from Google. Its also the reason that I felt like I was finally ready to give the iPhone a chance because I adore getting updates; even now I’m in Apple’s beta program.

When leaks started to surface on the specs and design of Google’s Pixel device I got a little excited, but I knew that actually seeing that live stream with all the official details would likely be what sold me on it. I was right…  32GB or 128GB of storage, the color options, design, quick charging, and most importantly the unlimited storage of HD photos and videos had me all but foaming at the mouth. I was also enticed by the new Google Assistant which they did demos with during the live stream. Don’t get me wrong I’ve enjoyed my experience with iOS but I started with Android and I’ve been looking for a reason to go back. 

I can understand why a lot of people are complaining about the cost, especially in comparison to previous price points for Nexus devices. Unfortunately, its just the way it is and I can’t say I didn’t see it coming. This is the first phone “made entirely by Google” and its meant to be a high end iPhone competitor. Seeing as though I signed up for a payment plan on a 16GB iPhone 6s last year for the same $649 that you can now get a 32GB Pixel for… I’m okay with the price and I’ll definitely be getting more for my money.

I have a few days before I start my new job and sadly there are a number of things more important than a new phone right now. As a result it may not be until December or January before I pick up the Pixel XL but I definitely have my eye on it. I desperately need more storage space and I’m so glad that this phone has a headphone jack (yes I had to go there)! I’m still debating on whether I’ll sell the iPhone 6s or keep it around for that iOS experience and review comparison. I guess we’ll see what happens 😉

One thought on “Pixel Goodness.

  1. I say sell the Iphone but that’s just me. And I definitely see your love of always having the cutting edge software. That’s not high on priorities when it comes to my smart phone ownership but to each their own. I definitely understand your mindset. Good read.


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