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Never Enough.

Disclaimer: I originally wrote this entry on January 4th of this year. Like, I completely finished it and never got around to posting it because I was so overwhelmed with things. *hides head in shame*

Do you ever feel like there isn’t enough time in a day? or in a month (other than February). I find myself feeling that way a lot lately, and it can be a bit of a bummer sometimes. I’m not getting any younger despite not quite looking my age… so thoughts of never having enough time combined with knowing that tomorrow is not promised… it just weighs heavy some times.

I thought that I would have some free time to write here during my one month break from school and next thing I knew, I was less than a week away from starting back up. I am a borderline perfectionist and not a fan of going back on my word. As a result, when I make plans and suddenly cannot seem to keep them… it kind of depresses me. Such a small thing can seem enormous to anyone who has a similar personality. We tend to be our own worst critics. I have been working with my therapist on this, along with other things like being a people pleaser and not putting myself first.

I know this blog entry is a bit more personal than what I would traditionally post on here. I just wanted to give an accurate update and let my readers know why I have not posted on here. Once I’m finished with my paralegal course in late February, I plan to do a lot more. If time permits I will post or at the very least begin working on an article that has been a LONG time coming.

A lot of my peers and family members are familiar with Discord, it received at uptick of users during the height of the pandemic. The thing is, most of those peers and family members only know it by name. They do not fully understand what the application does, or how it works. I use it daily myself, and I would like to create a detailed tutorial and introduction to how to use the application. From simple day to day task, to going over full-fledged community tools that are provided. The benefits of having their paid “Nitro” subscription, and so forth.

Essentially, its an application that can be used on computers and mobile devices to stay in touch with others. The primary reason for its creation was to cater to gamers and allow them to have a space to chat and talk in voice channels as a group. While most games do include this… if you disconnect from the game you have no way to tell others until you are logged back into the game. Consoles have certainly improved this with party chat, but Discord is still my preferred choice for this function, but also for things like direct messaging best friends and watching movies with them on my own personal server.

I won’t get any further into it just yet because I need to save things for my actual article, but just know that I am working on something. I am also open to ideas for topics to write on in the future. Feel free to leave a comment or DM me on social media.

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