Diablo IV Open Beta – Impressions

As you may be able to tell, April has been a very busy month for me. I almost went the entire month without any posts. I started this article at the beginning of the month shortly after playing the open beta for Diablo IV.

If you have followed me since the days of Google+ you may recall an article I wrote called The Resurrection of My Gaming Life. In it, I detailed how Diablo III was one of the main games that sparked my love of gaming as an adult. I enjoyed playing through the acts of the game with my best friend Jameson on multiple platforms. I would even go as far as saying that it is my favorite MMORPG! That’s a huge statement as it’s my favorite genre… ever.

I have also played Diablo II although I did not get a chance to finish the game. I plan to give it another go once I have my PS4 back, or if I end up getting a PS5. I have the digital game so it will work with either console. What I love so much about the Diablo series is that it was the first RPG I ever played where the campaign can be fully done with your friends. It also lets you level up faster if you had a friend way ahead of you and pick up the gear they drop without putting it up in a market. I love that! The story was also very well constructed and engaging. It was literally everything that I could want in a game and more.

The newest game has been a long time coming, so finally getting a chance to play the open beta was something I could not wait for! I made sure to download the game the day before the beta started. While I only had the chance to try out the mage and the necromancer I made enough progress in the game to know that I would love it just as much as its predecessors. June cannot get here fast enough, I hope I can pre-order it before release so I can get some of the bonus content. I don’t want to spoil anything, but the game looked extremely polished and promising for a final beta test.

I have been playing a lot of Visual Novels and Otome games in the little spare time I do have, so I will most likely be making videos or doing write-ups of those soon!