Amino, Where Have You Been All My Life?

It’s been awhile since I’ve really just fallen in love (or heavy like) with any social apps. I’m a little burnt out on the infamous Facebook and I mainly just use it to lurk on family and friends now. I occasionally post things about food, date nights, and watching movies but its essentially a yawn fest user experience for me. I have also started to use my twitter account a bit more but it isn’t something I check everyday or have made a lot of connections with. I presume it could be because of the 140 character limit but I think there’s a little more to it than that such as the lack of engagement. I realize that getting people to interact with you should be at least a 50/50 effort but its just so much work. Some people are able to get interaction from their followers without putting in much action themselves but I don’t feel like I’m quite at that level. I definitely plan to continuously work on it though.

The only other social platform I’ve used sporadically in the past years is Google+, I joined while it was still in beta stage and for quite some time it was my absolute favorite site to frequent. I’ve made a few friends from the site and initially met my hubby through the site as well so it has had its highlights for sure. Unfortunately within the past year or so its struggled to hold my interest. But never fear, Amino is here! 

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