The Resurrection of My Gaming Life.

I picked that title with a topic in mind, but let it be noted that I’m also hoping for a resurrection of this blog. I just got charged for another year of owning this domain name so I guess I need to do better… I took a hiatus for a few months not just from blogging but from social media in general.

I’ve never been big on using Facebook but my Google+ account took a backseat in my life as well. Its a great platform for getting to know people with similar interests and I have met quite a few thanks to the Android BBQ and a few other random encounters. However, I felt like I was a bit too addicted to it and needed a break. But enough about that… lets get onto what I filled my time with as a result.

I’ve always professed myself to be a gamer but to be honest, I haven’t been much of one since I was in high school and my earlier 20s. The only PC game I’ve played within recent years has been The Sims and my PS3 had been collecting dust for a while. The poor thing had been reduced to nothing more than a Blu-Ray and Netflix player. The only games I played consistently were Bejeweled and other miscellaneous crap on Facebook. I also had an Xbox 360 for awhile but the most I did on that was barely make it through the intro credits on Tomb Raider and lose my breath trying to play “Just Dance” with the Kinect. Oh and I can’t forget the attempt to play Borderlands 2 online with my ex… I kept dying and gave up, lol.

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