New Year, New Adventures!

Yes, I’m aware that is probably the cheesiest title I could have picked for this post but I don’t mind because it seems fairly accurate. I didn’t want to go all the rest of 2014 without making another post on my blog and while I did wait til the last minute (approximately 6 hours til midnight in my time zone) I am a firm believer in “better late than never”.

I would like to apologize to everyone for the lack of content on my site and give a little explanation of why I haven’t been able to update it as planned. I have a full-time job which has always presented a bit of a struggle as it can be time consuming and draining… however I also have an on-going medical condition that I was not aware of until the beginning of December. It makes it hard to want to do anything but take pain medications and go to sleep most days but I’m pushing through and now that my health insurance is kicking in effective tomorrow I will be able to get all the help I need.

To my loyal readers and YouTube viewers, I’d just like you guys to know that my site isn’t going anywhere. I’m a little sad that I haven’t been as active on it as I intended to be but life happens. I am just as passionate about this site as I was back in August when I started it and it is my hope that in 2015 I will make more progress towards my ultimate goal.

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