Pausing for Education.

So, last month September I was super excited to start contributing to my blog again and I still am. I have a few article ideas, and the ambition is still there. Yet, it has been divided as of last week October 17th. I made a decision earlier this year that I wanted to return to school to learn the basics and foundation of becoming a paralegal. It was something I had considered years ago but, I put the idea behind me for several reasons. Among them was the fact that some family members thought it would be more worth my while to become an actual lawyer. The money and time going into law school would consume was and remains, something I was not prepared for. The other reason was also financially related. I had already gotten an Associate Degree in Computer Networking which is what everyone expected. I also went to a for-profit school to obtain that degree; unfortunately putting me into quite a bit of student debt that I am still working to pay off.

Experience, has since shown me that doing what is expected is not always worth it. I still love computers, particularly software, and figuring out fixes to issues. However, I found myself just as passionate about the law. The years of experience working in a corporate legal environment before I moved to Georgia were some of the most informative and fulfilling times in my life. I truly loved the work, even when it was doubled on a moment’s notice with a shorter deadline. The atmosphere and satisfaction that it brought made me a lot happier than various customer service positions I had done previously. I can now proudly say that I’m a student once again.

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It’s been a rough year… and if I’m being honest nothing has gone as planned so far. I lost my mom about 3 and a half weeks ago which was completely unexpected… She was only 58 years old and still seemed to have plenty of days ahead of her but life is strange like that and tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. I don’t plan to go any further into detail because although this is my personal tech blog I have a separate site for getting all emotional and whatnot. I did however want my readers here to have a clue as to why the updates I promised for January have not begun yet… I’m trying to get my life back to normal or as close to it as I can after adjusting to the loss of someone I loved dearly and spent a lot of time with. 

In addition, my job has been more demanding than ever… even with being off the week that my mom passed away and taking the following week for vacation, this month was absolutely brutal and had me extremely stressed out.  I’ve been off the radar for a good bit of this month using social media a little less and unable to focus on posting anything here. 

I almost got through the entire month without posting and I’m just barely making it but I figured it was overdue, its past 11PM in my time zone but I’m sure its already February 1st for a lot of my readers. I felt like at minimum I need to hold this site to the standard of my personal blog and do at least one post a month. I really want to stick to that because it didn’t quite happen last year.

As for the future, I can say that I’m planning to do a vlog for next weekend just to cover all the things that I’ve been wanting to since December. My health seems to be improving so a lack of time is the only issue I think I may encounter as far as keeping this site up… I sincerely want it to grow and I know it can if I put in the necessary work. In the meantime, I appreciate the loyal followers and I hope you continue to watch and read my work! ☺

New Year, New Adventures!

Yes, I’m aware that is probably the cheesiest title I could have picked for this post but I don’t mind because it seems fairly accurate. I didn’t want to go all the rest of 2014 without making another post on my blog and while I did wait til the last minute (approximately 6 hours til midnight in my time zone) I am a firm believer in “better late than never”.

I would like to apologize to everyone for the lack of content on my site and give a little explanation of why I haven’t been able to update it as planned. I have a full-time job which has always presented a bit of a struggle as it can be time consuming and draining… however I also have an on-going medical condition that I was not aware of until the beginning of December. It makes it hard to want to do anything but take pain medications and go to sleep most days but I’m pushing through and now that my health insurance is kicking in effective tomorrow I will be able to get all the help I need.

To my loyal readers and YouTube viewers, I’d just like you guys to know that my site isn’t going anywhere. I’m a little sad that I haven’t been as active on it as I intended to be but life happens. I am just as passionate about this site as I was back in August when I started it and it is my hope that in 2015 I will make more progress towards my ultimate goal.

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