Why extravagantGEEK?

I’ve always had a knack for coming up with unique screen names for online profiles and extravagantGEEK is no exception. About 2 and a half years ago I decided that I wanted to start a new Twitter account that was personal but mainly covered things I had an interest in such as Android devices (phones and tablets) as well as computers and other things concerning tech… occasionally I’d tweet about a movie or two.

Unfortunately that Twitter profile flopped just like my personal one, not because it had no potential but because I got lazy and lost a bit of interest in Twitter.

Since then I had yet to use the name again with the exception of my Xbox Live gamer tag… but I always kept it in my pocket because it had a certain ring to it. If you were to look up the word “extravagant” in the dictionary you’d find a few variations of definitions but essentially it has been associated with spending much more than is necessary or wise; wasteful as well as exceeding the bounds of reason, as actions, demands, opinions or passions

So lets face it, when it comes to technology or even seeing the newest movie… I’ve made my fair share of sacrifices just to have these things even though I don’t truly need them… thus one could say I’ve been extravagant. I’m very PASSIONATE about technology… my college major is evidence of that (Computer Networking Technology) and the geek part is self explanatory. I’ve always been a geek @ heart and an occasional nerd as well… I walk that fine line daily. 

The rapidly growing stereotype that women are starting to wear glasses to look geeky/nerdy (while it has merit) is completely non-applicable to me. I’m actually pretty blind… I can’t even legally drive without mine and yet I hate wearing them. So before those of you who don’t know me jump to “Oh she’s just a cute chick that threw on some glasses and started calling herself a geek!” please believe that couldn’t be any further from the truth.

I am my father’s daughter which means that “geeky-ness” is in my blood… I remember the days of playing Duck Hunt on my brother’s Super Nintendo and even playing the 1991 release of Duke Nukem on a floppy disk… that’s right a floppy disk 😉

I’m also a pretty big fan of Star Wars and Star Trek… *gasp* yes it is possible to actually be a fan of both.

Getting back to the question “why extravagantGEEK?” though, to be honest I’ve always had an interest in tech blogging… but I knew that I couldn’t fully commit to working for another site without feeling overwhelmed or disappointing someone if they gave me a chance and I didn’t deliver or write enough articles, so I gave up on the idea.

Fast forward to about 3 weeks ago when I realized that Google had started an invite-only beta for something called Google Domains and it suddenly seemed possible. I got the amazing idea to finally start my own tech blog and I had the perfect name for it already. About a week after requesting an invite for the beta I was accepted by Google to join in on the project. I purchased my domain name the next day and over the last couple of weeks I’ve been putting all my free time into transforming my idea into a reality.

I’ve always enjoyed interacting and bonding with people online over a love of tech, and I look forward to increasing the opportunity to do that even more through this site.

All I ask is that you bare with me while I continue to tweak the site as a whole. I felt like it was ready for launch but I realize it will be an ongoing project for me. I’ve already had moments where I wanted to throw in the towel and give up on making it… but I persevered and I’m proud of myself. I hope you check back often and enjoy!

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