My Android Wear Fascination.

I’ll be honest when I saw the commercials for the Samsung Galaxy Gear watches last year or even when I saw posts about the Pebble Watch, I had that “meh, it’s cool but not necessary” attitude… fast forward to this year and the introduction of Android Wear and I’m more like “want, want, want!” 

I have always been a fan of having choices which is why I love the new Android slogan “Be Together. Not The Same.” Right now there are 5 options on the Google Play Store, and while the Sony Smart Watch 3 is still “coming soon” having that many selections to choose from is pretty amazing to me.

A few weeks ago when I attended the Big Android BBQ, while I’m sure I am exaggerating a bit… it seemed like every other person I came across had an Android Wear watch and I was green with envy. I felt like I was left out of the “cool kid” group and yes even among a bunch of tech geeks & nerds there are still cool kids 😉 believe it or not. I also saw a lot of people with Google Glass but I know that will never be in my budget so I won’t even bother getting into that.

I’ve had my eye on the Moto 360 for awhile and even with its “flat tire” I think its the one I truly want to get. It seems as though most everyone in my circles on Google+ has one and all the different watch faces I’ve seen (as well as seeing one first hand on the arm of one of my best friends at the BBQ) has me in love with the aesthetics of it.

Realistically speaking it may be awhile before I can afford one, so to hold me over until then I will most like be getting the LG G Watch. Between sites like Swappa and such I’ve discovered that I can probably get my hands on one for around $100 which is something a little easier to fit into my budget versus $250.

I’m seriously beginning to think that I need to either look for a new job altogether or a second one to cover my tech obsession because its clearly not going anywhere. As of now I want another phone, a tablet, and a smart watch. I’ve also been considering getting a PS4 and getting back into gaming… see a problem here?

So what are your thoughts, do you have or want a Smart Watch? Do you see them as a useful addition to your daily functions? Let me know in the comments.

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