Shazam! Not what I expected.


I got to see Shazam! almost three weeks early thanks to one of my favorite local conventions “MomoCon”. They hosted a fan event that was first come first serve and thankfully I was there early enough to get a good seat. Now let me get this out of the way…. I’ve never been a huge fan of Shazam as I haven’t read any of the comics and have only seen him here and there watching the “Justice League” cartoon series. That being said, I went into watching this film with low expectations due to unfamiliarity and let’s be real the fact that its a DC live-action film (if you weren’t aware live-action has never been their strong suit there’s a handful of hits among a seas of misses). However, this turned out to be a good film that I wouldn’t have been upset about had I actually purchased a ticket.

I don’t want to spoil anything since it doesn’t officially release until April 5, 2019 but I loved the lighthearted tone throughout. There was humor, a bit of family drama, and a decent amount of action. The last few minutes of the movie really left me satisfied. The audience was clapping and cheering along together in the theater and I got a new idea for a cosplay character. It also held my attention throughout which was a pleasant surprise. I try to go see movies that I know will truly pull me in because on occasion I have been known to nod off if something is boring. It may not be the best DC film ever, but I have no complaints. It was a delight and I’m considering going to see it again.

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