Pausing for Education.

So, last month September I was super excited to start contributing to my blog again and I still am. I have a few article ideas, and the ambition is still there. Yet, it has been divided as of last week October 17th. I made a decision earlier this year that I wanted to return to school to learn the basics and foundation of becoming a paralegal. It was something I had considered years ago but, I put the idea behind me for several reasons. Among them was the fact that some family members thought it would be more worth my while to become an actual lawyer. The money and time going into law school would consume was and remains, something I was not prepared for. The other reason was also financially related. I had already gotten an Associate Degree in Computer Networking which is what everyone expected. I also went to a for-profit school to obtain that degree; unfortunately putting me into quite a bit of student debt that I am still working to pay off.

Experience, has since shown me that doing what is expected is not always worth it. I still love computers, particularly software, and figuring out fixes to issues. However, I found myself just as passionate about the law. The years of experience working in a corporate legal environment before I moved to Georgia were some of the most informative and fulfilling times in my life. I truly loved the work, even when it was doubled on a moment’s notice with a shorter deadline. The atmosphere and satisfaction that it brought made me a lot happier than various customer service positions I had done previously. I can now proudly say that I’m a student once again.

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Please, excuse the mess.

I am currently refamiliarizing myself with WordPress after using SquareSpace for several years. As a result, I am trying to edit and clean up the older post that I exported over and finish designing my header image BEFORE making any new post. Thanks for stopping by and I will be sure to make an announcement on Twitter when I have fully relaunched my blog.

Edit: Now that I have finished reformatting some of my older blog entries from the past I just wanted to make one thing clear. They are obviously old posts, so I would say take them with a grain of salt. While some of them are still a good read they do not have much purpose in the year 2022. I am a very different person from when I wrote these entries/articles 😉

Loving What I Do.

So, this time instead of taking over a year to update it’s only been 4 months. That’s progress right? I mean, gotta start somewhere if you catch my drift. As far as recent updates I have been extremely busy lately. I’m working again which is great not only for the income but because I’m actually doing something that I truly love. I graduated with an Associates Degree in Computer Networking Technology a few years back and I’ve always wanted to work in Information Technology. I also did amazing in school graduating at the top of my class. However, I was seriously dragging my feet on trying to get a tech related job. I’ve always done Customer Service, Administrative/Clerical and Management. Those areas kind of became my comfort zone and kept me from looking for jobs that harnessed ALL of my skills. So after this little sabbatical I’ve taken for the past 7 months or so… I finally pushed myself to apply for an entry-level job in my field. I’m now a Service Desk Analyst and I couldn’t be happier! I work with a lot of nerds and as such not only love my job but the environment as a whole. I feel like I’m actually making some legit friendships and its exactly what I need. I’m going to keep this entry short and sweet because I have some other ideas I’m working on for both the blog and YouTube (freaking finally). I just wanted to give my followers a quick update 😉